Released version 19.19


Version 19.19 for and is now available in all regions. This article describes the updates, including the new features, and the fixes to existing functionality, which are included in this update. This version was first made available in preview on September 16, 2019, and completed worldwide rollout on October 2, 2019.

Improved usability, density, and filtering capabilities for the Unified Interface grid

The Unified Interface grid now includes several updates focused on improved usability and navigation. The grid layout and styling have been optimized to improve density, allowing users to see more records on a single screen without it feeling cluttered. In this update we have removed unused and redundant space in the grid that has been highlighted in user feedback as impacting efficiency and making the grid harder to navigate.

In addition to the density changes, updates have been made to improve the filtering and navigation behavior. Now as users filter records in the view page, navigate to a record, and return to the grid, the filters on the grid remembered. This allows users to navigate back and forth between the grid and filtered records without reapplying the filter, search, or view selection each time. Improvements have also been made to the advanced grid column filtering options to find their records quickly. This includes filtering on the activity type field and alignment of date field filtering for existing operators.

Improved grid density

View inline images for emails that are read-only

With the 2019 release wave 2, customers can easily view images inline when they open and read an email. This eliminates the need to open each individual image that is attached in an email. Providing inline image support for read-only emails streamlines the experience and improves usability and user productivity when they manage their email in the Unified Interface.

Faster, reliable, and stable canvas and model-driven apps on mobile

Canvas applications on mobile devices are more reliable and faster. With improved reliability, errors and unexpected experiences are minimized. Load time of applications has significantly improved. Time to load data and navigate through the application has also improved, contributing to a better user experience.

  • With optimizations to the email sign-in and app-loading experience, the Dynamics 365 mobile app is significantly faster for users.
  • First-time users can sign in and get to their app of choice within a few seconds reliably.
  • Returning users can jump right into their app from their previous session and view their most up-to-date information, with background refresh.
  • Errors and unexpected experiences are minimized, with reliability of actions and updates greatly improved.

Improving Save Changes dialog

The current save changes dialog is unclear and confusing to customers. The new experience will make it very clear when a user navigates away from the main form to another record. The new messaging and call to actions will help the user make informed decisions on the action they want to take including save and continue, discard changes and continue, or simply closing the dialog. The buttons will be updated to say Save and continue or Discard changes.

Connection role enabled in the Unified Interface

Users will be able to add or delete connection roles with the August 2019 preview and October 2019 general availability release of the Unified Interface. This entity was previously available only when relating a connection role to a connection, with no ability to manage a connection role. This will close a feature gap between the legacy web client and the Unified Interface.

Adding Save and Create Another record option to Quick Create buttons

The current Save and Close button will change to support a multi-select option, including Save and Close and Save and Create New. The new action will save the existing record and open a new Quick Create form for a user to quickly add another record without additional clicks or actions.

Timeline wall filter improvements

Filtering activities will now be simple and easy to use. It will include multiple filter options, and data and times will be clearer and easy to understand. We are also reducing confusion by removing pie charts to simplify and align to a more modern filtering experience. The experience will be more aligned to what users expect with similar filtering in Outlook, Power BI, and SharePoint.

Timeline wall filtering

Form header usability improvements

Customers will have an improved experience when they open and read information for a record in the Unified Interface with increased data density and usability with the form header.

Enhancements to the header include:

  • Information will always be available in the header with four read-only fields, reducing clicks and improving productivity.
  • The title of the record will never truncate.
  • Current forms will support editable fields with a simple click of a chevron to enter data.
  • A read-only form will have an enhanced notification with details on why a form is read-only.

Header density

Legacy form header

Anchoring error notifications in Unified Interface

Users will be able to quickly navigate to a field on a form that has an error from a notification by simply clicking on the error message. The focus will be set on the error field, reducing clicks and improving productivity when there is an error on a form.

Error notification

Timeline wall improvements in Unified Interface

Managing activities in the timeline wall will be faster and more responsive with improvements to data density and usability.

Enhancements include:

  • Easily expand and collapse activities in the timeline wall.

    Command bar

  • Simple icons that help users quickly identify key activities.


  • Quick and easy access to the command bar to perform common actions on an activity.

    Expanded view

    Improve density

Manage email on the timeline wall in Unified Interface

Users can easily set email messages to show as conversation threads on their timeline wall, significantly reducing scrolling and clicks when they are managing email activities in the Unified Interface.

Email conversation thread

Usability enhancements to lookups in Unified Interface

Enhanced functionality within lookup includes improved entities filter layout, improved interactivity with the search box, and consistency displaying recent and pinned records.

Lookup enhancements

Fixes and improvements


No specific fixes or improvements have been publicly disclosed as a part of this released version