Released version 3.18094


Version 3.18094 for Power Apps Studio and Power Apps Mobile is now available in all regions. This article describes the updates, including the new features, and the fixes to existing functionality, which are included in this update. This version was first made available in preview on September 27, 2018, and completed worldwide rollout on October 5, 2018.

End users can create personal dashboards and share them with other users and teams

Create personal dashboards to track progress and status using widgets that show real-time information. You can create them whenever you need them, instead of depending on your system admin. You can share these dashboards with other users and teams in your organization. These dashboards are highly customizable—you can add widgets of your choice, and you can even embed Power BI dashboards and tiles.

Faster loading model-driven apps

Pages of model-driven applications load significantly faster as visible regions are rendered first and optimized for different browsers. Users will also see improved performance on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 browsers with Unified Interface.

For dashboard pages, only the visible charts and views are rendered. The remaining charts and views are rendered as a user scrolls. On record forms, only the first tab is rendered. When a user navigates to another tab, it's fully rendered.

General usability, accessibility, and styling improvements in system charts

Charts get more consistent interactions and capabilities across forms, dashboards, and grids. Visualize your data in two new kinds of charts—Doughnut and Tag. Customizers can also take advantage of general accessibility and styling improvements.

New admin analytics reports

For Common Data Service for Apps admins, there is no longer a need to install the Org Insights solution in their environment; all of the org insights reports are available (by default) from the Power Platform admin center.

Unified environment administration from Power Platform admin center

Admins now have more visibility over the PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Common Data Service for Apps activity and usage within their organization. From the Power Platform admin center, admins can review tenant-wide and environment-level reports detailing active users, app usage, and flow usage across their organization.

Fixes and improvements

  • Authentication: Login gets stuck at the splash screen - Users are getting stuck on the splash screen after entering in their credentials and signing in

  • Camera control: Camera does not work on newest Firefox 62.0 - Camera control seems to be working fine on Chrome and old Firefox but not on the newest Firefox 62.0.

  • Camera control: 2nd camera captures image 90 degrees off. - According to this user, the 2nd camera is capturing images incorrectly:

  • Combo box: Data doesn't show up in Combo box when bind with Microsoft Translator - Data doesn't show up in combo box on binding with Microsoft Translator, the way it appears in Listbox and Dropdown control on binding with Microsoft Translator.

  • Combo Box: Office365Users.RelevantPeople can't set Display/SearchFields - Setting ComboBox.Items to Office365Users.RelevantPeople(Office365Users.MyProfileV2().id).value populates the Display/SearchFields drop-downs but won't accept any field set via drop-down or Advanced pane.

  • Combo Box: The Combo box control does not work within a Gallery control. - Combo Box under gallery does not work, and there are no available options under the combo box control.

  • Location: Cannot get the location info on mobile on first app open - There is no any response when user clicks the enable location button, and hence cannot get the location info.

  • Preiew feature: Allow users to provide information as to why they are disabling a "preview" feature - Show a prompt whenever a person disables a "preview" feature that asks him/her why they did so.