Released version 3.18102


Version 3.18102 for Power Apps Studio and Power Apps Mobile is now available in all regions. This article describes the updates, including the new features, and the fixes to existing functionality, which are included in this update. This version was first made available in preview on October 10, 2018, and completed worldwide rollout on October 15, 2018.

Improved app discovery for consumers

App consumers can be productive more quickly by discovering, previewing, and running their own and their org's model-driven and canvas apps through a unified landing page on PowerApps.

Sync specific appointments to Exchange

End users can create appointments in Dynamics 365 and save them as drafts without synchronizing to Exchange.


Create or edit an appointment

Fixes and improvements

  • Android: Send a Link doesn't work well on Android Device - Send a Link doesn't work well on Android Device. While viewing a record, click on "Email a Link" to send a URL for the record via email. The link appears in the email body when choosing Gmail app, but the link doesn't show in the email body when using MS Outlook app.

  • Layout: Move layout dropdown from data sources panel to properties panel - As a maker, user can change the layout (label position) of the form from the properties panel.

  • Rendering: Shadows are appearing on labels and icons in Chrome - Text Boxes, Labels and icons have a shadow line. The issue appear only in PowerApps viewer in Chrome, whereas in IE and Explorer it seems to work fine. Apps compiled in earlier PowerApps Release version 2.0.732 are working fine.

  • Web Player: SPO Data appears for some time and then disappears from data table added in custom card of Form Control. - The published app shows data in data table shortly and then it empties the data table, while the app works fine in authoring and preview mode.