Released version 3.18112


Version 3.18112 for Power Apps Studio and Power Apps Mobile is now available in all regions. This article describes the updates, including the new features, and the fixes to existing functionality, which are included in this update. This version was first made available in preview on November 8, 2018, and completed worldwide rollout on November 16, 2018.

Customizers can embed Power BI tiles and reports in entity forms

Bring the power and richness of Power BI to your forms by embedding reports and tiles of your choice. Customizers can model the Power BI reports and tiles to provide more meaningful insights by passing the record context, including any attribute information about the record.

Find more information about how to configure the embedding at Embed a Power BI report in a model-driven system form.

Fixes and improvements

  • Form: Error is appearing on selecting field type as "Allowed values" from data panel - Error stating missing operator between two functions, when selecting the "Allowed values" field type control from the data panel.

  • Item property: Unable to open value dropdown on advanced panel when item property is having formula in it - User is not able to open the value dropdown from Advanced panel but can open it from properties panel.

  • Player: No light when you scanning barcode no matter setting flashlightenabled is true or false - The default light is off and there is no button to control the light when the user scans on iOS.

  • Property panel: Value drop down should be disable after removing the Item property in Property Panel. - Value drop down still enabled and open the list of previous connected data source.

  • Screen template: Changing Gallery Items on a List Screen Template does not reset Title, SubTitle, Image fields to valid values on the datasource - Error: "Name isn't valid. This identifier isn't recognized. This error appears most commonly when a formula refers to something that no longer exists (for example, a control that you've deleted)."

  • Sharepoint: Deleted connection still appears on connection disambiguation on opening the app - Connection disambiguation appears for SharePoint even when it was deleted from the app.