Released version 3.19041


Version 3.19041 for Power Apps Studio and Power Apps Mobile is now available in all regions. This article describes the updates, including the new features, and the fixes to existing functionality, which are included in this update. This version was first made available in preview on April 1, 2019, and completed worldwide rollout on April 10, 2019.

New features


No new features have been publicly disclosed as a part of this released version

Fixes and improvements

  • Attachments control removed from studio insert menu - Because attachments can only be used inside forms, the Attachment control isn't available from the Insert tab but appears in the form when the Attachment form field is enabled in a SharePoint or Common Data Service form.
  • Formulas: Allow ending semicolons - You can now end formulas with semicolon in behavior rules.
  • Dropdowns can show empty selections - By enabling the AllowUnsetValue property, dropdowns can show an empty selection as well as allow end users to clear their selections
  • Responsive Apps - You can now add App.Width and App.Height to properties to make controls responsive.