Google Analytics data on Clarity

Google Analytics segments are subsets of your GA data that allow you to isolate and analyze particular groups of data. Once you have linked Clarity and GA, you can view these segments in Clarity, where you can dig deeper into the data.

View Google Analytics segments in Clarity


Clarity supports segment integration only in Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3) at this time. We will be adding support for GA4 in the future.

Step 1

Set up segments in GA by learning about Universal Analytics segments and how to build new segments.

Step 2

Set up GA integration with Clarity by following the GA integration guide.

Step 3

On the Clarity dashboard, go to Recordings.

Step 4

Select Segments. A list of segments that you've previously defined in GA and Clarity appears.

You can easily see which segments come from Google Analytics because they appear in orange.

Google Analytics segments in Recordings.

Step 5

Select the segment name to view the related recording in Clarity.

Selected Google Analytics segments in Recordings.


  • Data shown in Clarity comes from the Google Analytics API, so you may not see every session if GA is sampling data.
  • The orange segments are managed in GA, not Clarity. This means that if you want to edit or delete them, you can do so on the Google Analytics site.

GA Segment Limitations

  1. You can only filter GA segments by timeframe. Clear GA segments to use Clarity filters. Google Analytics segments limitation.
  2. GA Segments are only available in the Recordings tab.


For more answers, refer to Google Analytics FAQ.

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