Heatmaps filters


Heatmap is only displayed on the site pages where the Clarity tracking code is installed. Check the Setup process to know how to install it.

If page views or heat is lesser than expected for the Heatmaps, make sure to check your filters.

Heatmaps filters help you sort and customize the Heatmap visualization. All filter conditions are editable. As you update or edit filters, you can save as a new Heatmap or existing Heatmap.

Heatmaps filters.

Here are the supported filers for Heatmaps:

Time Frame

This filter allows you to focus on specific time frames of a Heatmap. You can choose from presets or customize the time frame.

The available presets are: Today, Last 3 days, Last 7 days, Last 30 days. By default, this filter is set to 'Last 3 days'.

The custom time frame allows you to set a custom start and end date through date picker.

Heatmaps time frame filter customization.


Clarity Insights are a set of Machine Learning based filters.

The following are Insights filters:

  • Rage clicks only
  • Dead clicks only
  • Excessive scrolling
  • Quick backs

Supported insights in Heatmaps filters.

Name Definition
Rage Clicks only View Heatmap for clicks identified as rage clicks, when a user repeatedly clicks in a clustered area within a short period of time. This excludes regular clicks. This type of Heatmap can help you find possible frustration points in your design.
Dead Clicks only View Heatmap or clicks identified as dead clicks, where a user clicked somewhere but there was no response. This excludes regular clicks. This type of Heatmap can help you find UX bugs.
Excessive scrolling View Heatmap when a user scrolls through site content at a higher rate than expected for standard content consumption. This type of Heatmap can help you find layout alignment issues, and identifying important content.
Quick backs View Heatmap when a user goes to a new page then quickly returns to the previous one. This type of Heatmap can help you find confused navigation.

Page-based filters

The following are the page-based filters:

  • Page click count
  • Page duration
  • Page scroll depth

User actions filters in heatmaps.

Name Definition
Page click count View Heatmap where your user had a set number of clicks on a page within a session.
Page duration View Heatmap for amount of time user spent on the page. This includes when the user lands and exits from a particular page.
Page scroll depth View Heatmap where a user scrolled through the page.

Operating system

Detect differences between operating systems through supported checklist: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, ChromeOS, Linux, Unknown and Other. You can choose one or more operating systems.

Supported OS in Filters.


Compare among various browsers running the website. You can choose one or more browsers. Supported checklist includes - Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, MiuiBrowser, SamsungInternet, YandexBrowser.

Supported browsers in Filters.


Filters Heatmap to one or more countries from the checklist.

Supported countries in Filters.


Toggle between PC, Mobile, Tablet devices to spot specific device behavior of the user.

Mobile Click map:

click maps on mobile.

Tablet Click map:

click maps on tablet.

Referring site

Filters heatmap with the URL of specified page the user visited before visiting your site, if available to Clarity. Referring site will not be available for HTTP headers where no data is passed.

By default, the click data is displayed by matching the URL(s) that contain the entered text.

Heatmaps Referring site.

Custom tags

Apart from supported filters, Clarity also supports the ability to build your own custom filters. Refer to Custom tags to learn more.


For more answers, refer to General FAQ.

How can I add conditions to Heatmaps?

You can add/modify filters to view Heatmaps in specific conditions.

What types of Heatmaps can I analyze using Clarity?

Using Clarity, you can analyze Click maps and Scroll maps to understand user behavior.

What's the maximum limitation on a Heatmap?

Heatmaps are limited up to 100,000 page views per Heatmap.

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