Applies to: Microsoft Cloud App Security

Connect Okta to Microsoft Cloud App Security

This section provides instructions for connecting Microsoft Cloud App Security to your existing Okta account using the connector APIs.

How to connect Okta to Cloud App Security

  1. It is recommended that you create an admin Service Account in Okta for Cloud App Security.

    Make sure you use an account with Super Admin permissions.

    Make sure your Okta account is verified.

  2. In the Okta console, click Admin.

    • Click on Security and then API.

      okta api

    • Click Create Token.

      okta createtoken

    • In the Create Token pop-up, name your Cloud App Security token and click Create Token.

      okta token popup

    • In the Token created successfully pop-up, copy the Token value.

      okta token value

  3. In the Cloud App Security console, click Investigate and then Connected apps.

  4. In the App connectors page, click the plus button and then Okta.

    connect okta

  5. In the pop-up that opens, in the Domain field, enter your Okta domain and paste your Token into the Token field.

  6. Click Connect to create the token for Okta in Cloud App Security.

  7. Make sure the connection succeeded by clicking Test API.

    Testing may take a couple of minutes. After receiving a success notice, click Close.

After connecting Okta, you will receive events for 60 days prior to connection.

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