What are the differences in discovery capabilities for Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Cloud App Security?

This article describes the differences between discovery capabilities in Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

For information about licensing, see the Microsoft Cloud App Security licensing datasheet.

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a comprehensive cross-SaaS solution bringing deep visibility, strong data controls and enhanced threat protection to your cloud apps. Cloud Discovery is one of the features of Cloud App Security, which enables you to gain visibility into Shadow IT by discovering cloud apps in use.

Enhanced Cloud App Discovery in Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Premium P1 includes Azure Active Directory Cloud App Discovery at no additional cost. This feature is based on the Microsoft Cloud App Security Cloud Discovery capabilities that provide deeper visibility into cloud app usage in your organizations. Upgrade to Microsoft Cloud App Security to receive the full suite of Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) capabilities offered by Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Feature comparison

The following table is a comparison of the discovery capabilities in Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure AD.

Capability Feature Microsoft Cloud App Security Azure AD Cloud App Discovery
Cloud Discovery Discovered apps 16,000 + cloud apps 16,000 + cloud apps
Deployment for discovery analysis Manual and automatic log upload Manual and automatic log upload. Learn more about setting up Cloud Discovery
Log anonymization for user privacy Yes Yes
Access to full Cloud App Catalog Yes Yes
Cloud app risk assessment Yes Yes
Cloud usage analytics per app, user, IP address Yes Yes
Ongoing analytics & reporting Yes Yes
Anomaly detection for discovered apps Yes
Information Protection Data Loss Prevention (DLP) support Cross-SaaS DLP and data sharing control
App permissions and ability to revoke access (OAuth apps) Yes
Policy setting and enforcement Yes
Integration with Azure Information Protection Yes
Integration with third-party DLP solutions Yes
Threat Detection Anomaly detection and behavioral analytics For Cross-SaaS apps
Manual and automatic alert remediation Yes
SIEM connector Yes. Alerts and activity logs for cross-SaaS apps.
Integration to Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph Yes
Activity policies Yes

Next steps

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