Cloud App Security requires access as follows to connect to your network.

Cloud App Security System IP addresses

The following IP addresses are used by Cloud App Security to connect to customer environments. This is necessary when connecting using ICAP and when connecting App connectors. For some apps, it may be necessary to add the following IP addresses to the whitelist to enable Cloud App Security to collect logs and provide access for the Cloud App Security console. In some apps these IP addresses can also be used to identify Cloud App Security activities, such as in the service’s audit logs.

  • For the logs:

CAS portal URL and IP addresses

The Cloud App Security URL, port 443 and IP addresses are used for customer access to portal, API connections when connecting to the CAS APIs, Log collector and SIEM agent.  

To get updates when URLs and IP addresses are changed, subscribe to the RSS as explained in: Office 365 URLs and IP address ranges.

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