Deploying the Cloud App Security Proxy for Azure AD


It is strongly recommended to try the installation in a sandbox or testing environment before installing it in a production environment.

The steps described below must be taken to deploy the Cloud App Security Proxy and enable both access control and session control.

Step 1: Create an Azure AD conditional access policy

  1. In Azure Active Directory, under Security, click on Conditional access.

    Azure AD conditional access

  2. Click New policy and create a new policy making sure that under Session you select Use proxy enforced restrictions.

Step 2: Log on to each app

Use your credentials to log into each app you want to control with the Proxy.

Step 3: Add the apps in Cloud App Security

  1. In the Cloud App Security portal, go to the Settings cog and choose Proxy.

  2. The apps you logged into should now appear in the table.

  3. For each app, click the three dots in the right corner of the table row and click Continue setup.

  4. In the Proxy wizard, click Finish.

Within a few minutes, all log in requests to your app will be routed through the Cloud App Security Proxy.

Test the configuration

  1. Try to log in to the app. If the login fails, make sure you completed all the Proxy wizard steps properly.

  2. In the Cloud App Security portal, under Investigate, select Activity log and make sure there are single sign-on log on events captured by the Proxy.

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