The Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator

With the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator and Common Data Model for Nonprofits, you can develop nonprofit solutions based on entities and attributes that nonprofits commonly leverage for constituent management, fundraising, awards, program delivery and impact tracking. These entities include but are not limited to donor commitments, designations, transactions, awards, disbursements, delivery frameworks, results, indicators, benefit recipients and more. The Accelerator includes the Common Data Model for Nonprofits, sample apps, sample data, dashboards and documentation.

The initial release of the Nonprofit Accelerator was announced in November 2018 at the NetHope Global Summit and there have been continued enhancements with these versions - v2.0 in April 2018, and v2.1 in July 2019, and v2.2 in November 2019.

The Nonprofit Accelerator provides the following to partners and customers:

  • Extension of the Common Data Model including concepts for constituent management, fundraising, awards, program delivery and impact tracking, including entity definitions and relationships.

  • A Program Design template application that nonprofit program and country managers use to create and browse logframes (logical frameworks, the building blocks of effective program design) and conect those logframes to internal, external and standard indicators like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order improve program measurement and outcome tracking.

  • Sample model-driven apps that show how Dynamics 365 and the nonprofit data model can be used including constituent management, fundraising, awards and delivery frameworks.

  • Support for extending the model with custom entities, forms, and relationships that meet your nonprofit needs.

  • Support for building canvas apps in Power Apps.

  • Sample dashboards that provide analytics around fundraising and program delivery.

  • A package that you can deploy and install including sample data.

  • Test drive experience through AppSource with walkthroughs, reference guides, mapping guides, entity-relationship diagrams and metadata documentation on the data model.

  • Optional data integrator templates and mappings for integrating data from the Nonprofit Accelerator in Dynamics 365

  • Optional volunteer management and IATI add-on common data models, sample model-driven apps, sample data, flows and documentation

Sitemap extensions

The Nonprofit Accelerator can be used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or independently with the core solution layer that is not dependent on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This independent solution layer can be leveraged to build Model driven and Canvas based Power Apps applications.

When the Nonprofit Accelerator is installed into Dynamics 365, the experience is transformed into one specifically built for nonprofits. It enables you to optimize nonprofit operational processes including constituent management, fundraising, awards, program delivery and impact tracking based on the IATI standard. You can also leverage the entire constituent-engagement solution within Dynamics 365.

Nonprofits, ISVs, and others in the nonprofit sector can build their solutions and business processes on top of the new entities and templates found within the Nonprofit Accelerator. The current data model supports common nonprofit activities but has been designed to allow flexibility to support other use cases.

The Nonprofit Accelerator and nonprofit common data model are developed in collaboration with nonprofits, partners, industry experts and open initiatives to ensure interoperability and accelerate nonprofit impact.

Nonprofit accelerator apps

Entities and workflows

These entities are built into the Nonprofit Accelerator (*New with version 2.2 General Availability - released November 2019):

Constituent Fundraising Awards Program Delivery & Impact Tracking Optional IATI Add-On
Account Campaign Award Benefit Recipient Aid Type
Address Credit Plan Award Version Budget Condition
Connection Credit Recipient Budget Delivery Framework CRS Other Flag
Connection Role Designated Credit Campaign Indicator Delivery Framework Contact
Contact Designation Delivery Framework Indicator Value Delivery Framework Description
Education Designation Plan Disbursement Measurement Item* Dimension
Employment Donor Commitment Disbursement Distribution Measurement Item Relationship* Document Category
Membership Lead Docket Measurement Item Usage* Document Country
Preference Opportunity Lead Objective Document Language
Salutation Payment Asset Objective Resource Catalog Document Link
Volunteer Payment Method Opportunity Result Expenditure
Payment Processor Recommendation FSS Forecast
Payment Schedule Report Humanitarian Scope
Planned Giving Request IATI File Generation
Transaction Review Identifier
Award Indicator Reference
Indicator Value Location
Narrative Translation
Non-Embedded Codelist
Non-Embedded Codelist Vocabulary
Participating Org
Policy Marker
Recipient Country
Recipient Region
Result Reference

Forms and dashboards

The Nonprofit Accelerator combines standard Dynamics 365 entities with entities that are customized specifically for nonprofit use cases to help you build nonprofit industry solutions. They include:

  • Constituent management 

  • Donation management 

  • Fundraising 

  • Grants/Awards management 

  • Program delivery 

  • Aligning beneficiaries to program delivery  

  • Aligning funds to results framework 

  • Volunteer management  

  • Membership management 

  • IATI processes  

This section provides examples of the forms and dashboards that demonstrate the entities in the Common Data Model for Nonprofits.

Constituent management

Complete constituent profiles for individuals, households, and organizations, including biographical details, communication methods, preferences, relationships, salutations, employment and education history, donations, and grants/awards.

Nonprofit constituent management

Donation management

The sample dashboard for donations includes gift acknowledgement, tracking of individual and organizational pledges and gifts, one-time and recurring gifts, gifts in kind, and grant disbursements.

Nonprofit donation management

Award management

End-to-end Award management data model and sample application including dockets, inquiries, requests, awards recommendations, reviews, reports, budgets and disbursements.

Nonprofit award management

Program Design

Workflows build on Program Delivery and Results entities that allow a program officer to build, edit, or delete a logframe (logical framework), associate it with an internal, external, or standard indicator set like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), browse the logframe library, collaborate on logframe development through Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Word, and track the status and delivery milestones of the logframe.


SDG Indicators

Volunteer Preferences, Skills and Availability

Track volunteer preferences, skills and availability and establish Volunteer Projects leveraging Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.

Nonprofit volunteers


Membership Category entity that establishes membership levels and Membership entity that links Constituents to Membership Category, enabling the creation and tracking of membership over time.

Nonprofit volunteers

IATI (Optional Add-On)

IATI is a global campaign to create transparency in the records of how aid money is spent. The initiative hopes to ensure that aid money reaches its intended recipients with the goal of improving standards of living worldwide and globally reduce poverty. Nonprofits can now record their fundraising and programmatic activities according to the IATI Organizational and Activity Standards, sync IATI non-embedded code lists with the Nonprofit Accelerator and generate IATI Organization and Activity XML files from the Nonprofit Accelerator.  


Dynamics 365 Finance and Power Apps Data Integrator (Optional Add-On)

Template data integrator tasks to connect Nonprofit Accelerator Constituents, Donations, Awards and Programs to Finance and Operations.

Solution options

Depending on the partner and organization needs, the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator can be implemented in multiple ways with dependencies to consider with each solution. These solution packages can be referenced on GitHub. The solution package options include:

  • NonprofitCore – This contains the essentials for the nonprofit accelerator including views, forms and data entities and has no dependency on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is only dependent on Microsoft’s Common Data Service.

  • NonprofitSales – This solution contains the additions to the Nonprofit Core solution that leverage Dynamics 365 Sales module, including campaign, lead, opportunity and product. This solution depends on:

    • Nonprofit Accelerator - NonprofitCore and NonprofitSales solution packages

    • Dynamics 365 modules – Dynamics Sales

  • MicrosoftDynamics365VolunteerManagement – This solution contains additions to the NonprofitCore and NonprofitSales solutions and leverages Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) to support volunteer management scenarios. This solution depends on:

    • Nonprofit Accelerator – NonprofitCore, NonprofitSales, and MicrosoftDynamics365Volunteer Management solution packages

    • Dynamics 365 modules – Dynamics Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA)

  • MicrosoftDynamics365IATI – This solution contains additions to the NonprofitCore and NonprofitSales solutions to improve the IATI compliance, including: IATI xml file export and the non-embedded sync process features. This solution depends on:

    • Nonprofit Accelerator – NonprofitCore and NonprofitSales solution packages

    • Dynamics 365 modules – Dynamics Sales

  • Nonprofit Measurement – This solution adds to the NonprofitCore to improve the way way of measuring nonprofit programs. This solution has no dependency on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and depends on:

    • Nonprofit Accelerator – NonprofitCore

This illustration visually explains the solution components and dependencies:

Deployment Solution dependencies

The table below shows the data entities available in each solution package:

*“Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator” encompassing all of the nonprofit data entities.

Data entities and packages in each solution

Additional resources

  • Download and test the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator from AppSource.

  • The nonprofit Common Data Model, solutions, data samples, documentation, SDK extensions, and more are provided as part of the open-source creative license available on GitHub

  • Additional topics about the accelerators.