Microsoft Compliance

Microsoft documentation and resources you need to get started with compliance for your business or organization.

Regulatory compliance

Microsoft guidance on compliance with international and domestic standards and regulations.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Guidance to help you honor rights and fulfill obligations under the GDPR when using Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft compliance offerings

Microsoft offers a comprehensive set of compliance offerings to help your organization comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of data.

Regulatory compliance and Microsoft Azure

Learn about regulatory compliance and Microsoft Azure.

Get started with compliance in Microsoft 365

If you're new to Microsoft 365 compliance and wondering where to start, this section provides links to key solutions and prioritizes important compliance areas.

Learn about Compliance Manager

Learn what Compliance Manager is, how it helps simplify compliance and reduce risk, and its key components.

Manage insider risks

Minimize internal risks by detecting, investigating, and acting on malicious and inadvertent activities in your organization.

Manage information protection

Use Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to help you discover, classify, and protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels.

Manage information governance

Use Microsoft Information Governance (MIG) capabilities to govern your data for compliance or regulatory requirements.

Manage eDiscovery

Use eDiscovery to identify and analyze content as evidence in legal cases.

Deploy information protection for data privacy regulations

Identify, locate, protect, govern, and respond to data privacy incidents for personal data stored in Microsoft 365 services that is subject to data privacy regulations.