Create application groups

Starting in version 1906, create a group of applications that you can send to a user or device collection as a single deployment. The metadata you specify about the app group is seen in Software Center as a single entity. You can order the apps in the group so that the client installs them in a specific order.


In this version of Configuration Manager, app groups are a pre-release feature. To enable it, see Pre-release features.

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Software Library workspace. Expand Application Management and select the Application Group node.

  2. In the Create group in the ribbon, select Create Application Group.

  3. On the General Information page, specify information about the app group.

  4. On the Software Center page, include information that shows in Software Center.

  5. On the Application Group page, select Add. Select one or more apps for this group. Reorder them using the Move Up and Move Down actions.

  6. Complete the wizard.

Deploy the app group using the same process as for an application. For more information, see Deploy applications.

If you add a new app to the group after you deploy the group, you have to separately distribute the new app content to distribution points.

To troubleshoot an app group deployment, use the following log files on the client:

  • AppGroupHandler.log
  • AppEnforce.log
  • SettingsAgent.log


Don't create or deploy an app group until you update the entire hierarchy and targeted clients to at least version 1906.

Known issues

  • Apps in the group can only contain Windows Installer or Script deployment types. Set the deployment type installation behavior to Install for system.
  • You can only deploy the app group to a device collection.