How to reset your account

If you set up Desktop Analytics in your environment, but want to start over with onboarding and enrollment, use this process to reset your account.


Only a Global Administrator can reset the account in the Azure portal.


  • This process doesn't change any existing Azure AD users, apps, or permissions

  • If you choose to add a new workspace, none of the following user inputs on assets are kept:

    • Importance
    • Owner
    • Upgrade decision
    • Remediation notes


  1. Open the Desktop Analytics portal in Microsoft 365 Device Management as a user with the Global Administrator role.

  2. In the Global Settings menu, select Connected services. In the enroll devices section, select the option to Reset.

  3. If you decide to continue, your account is reset. You'll need to set up Desktop Analytics again.

Next steps

After reset, refresh the page, and rerun the onboarding process. For more information, see How to set up Desktop Analytics.

If you have any problems during this process, contact Microsoft Support for further assistance.