IProgressUI interface

The IProgressUI automation interface in Configuration Manager represents the user interface that allows custom actions to report progress to the OS deployment task sequencing environment.

Methods for this interface

Term Definition
IProgressUI::CloseProgressDialog Closes open instances of IProgressUI
IProgressUI::ShowActionProgress Displays custom action progress information in a dialog box while the custom action is running.
IProgressUI::ShowErrorDialog Displays customizable error information in a dialog box.
IProgressUI::ShowMessage Displays customizable dialog box.
IProgressUI::ShowRebootDialog Displays customizable reboot warning dialog box.
IProgressUI::ShowSwapMediaDialog Displays message box to prompt a user to swap media.
IProgressUI::ShowTSProgress Displays custom task sequence progress information in a dialog box.


The GUID for IProgressUI is B64D758A-01C2-4bf0-9F17-621EFB9CF697.

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