Azure Event Grid

Azure Event Grid is an eventing backplane that enables event based programing with pub/sub semantics and reliable distribution & delivery for all services in Azure as well as third parties.

This connector is available in the following products and regions:

Service Class Regions
Logic Apps Standard All Logic Apps regions except the following:
     -   Azure China regions
Power Automate Premium All Power Automate regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC High)
     -   China Cloud operated by 21Vianet
Connector Metadata
Publisher Microsoft

Throttling Limits

Name Calls Renewal Period
API calls per connection10060 seconds


When a resource event occurs

When an Azure Event Grid subscription fires an event.

When a resource event occurs

When an Azure Event Grid subscription fires an event.


Name Key Required Type Description
subscriptionId True string

The unique identifier for the Microsoft Azure subscription. The subscription ID forms part of the ID for every Azure resource.

Resource Type
resourceType True string

Type of resource to create event subscription on.

Subscription Name
subscriptionName string

Name to use for the new Event Grid subscription.

Resource Name
topic True string

Name of the resource to listen to for events.

Prefix Filter
subjectBeginsWith string

A filter like: Sample-workitems/{name}

Suffix Filter
subjectEndsWith string

A filter like: .jpg

Event Type
Event Type string


Name Path Type Description
Event Time
eventTime date-time

Time of the event.

Event Type
eventType string

Type of the event.

id string

ID for the event.

subject string

Subject of the event.

topic string

Resource that fired the event.