Set HTTP Header

Template ID: setheader

Assigns a value to an existing response and/or request header or adds a new response and/or request header. This template is available in PowerApps and Flow.

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Input Parameters

Name Key Required Type Description
Header name True String Specifies the name of the header to be set.
Header value x-ms-apimTemplateParameter.value True String Specifies the value of the header to be set.
Action if header exists x-ms-apimTemplateParameter.existsAction Enum Specifies what action to take when the header is already specified
- override : Replaces existing value with the value from policy template.
- skip : Existing value is not replaced with the value from policy template.
- append : Appends the value from policy template to existing value.
Run policy on x-ms-apimTemplate-policySection True Enum Specifies when to run this policy
- Request : Policy template will run before request is sent to the backend API.
- Response : Policy will run after receiving response from the backend API.
- Failure : Policy template will run only when call to the backend API fails.
Operations x-ms-apimTemplate-operationName Array List of actions and triggers to which the policy will apply to. If no operation is selected, this policy will apply to all operations.