SAP ERP (Preview)

SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software developed by SAP SE. SAP ERP incorporates the key business functions of an organization. The SAP ERP connector for Power Automate and Power Apps allows you to invoke RFC and BAPI functions using on-premises data gateway.

This connector is available in the following products and regions:

Service Class Regions
Power Automate Premium All Power Automate regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)
Power Apps Premium All Power Apps regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)

Using the SAP ERP connector

To get started on using this connector, you can read this blog post.


The SAP ERP connector have a dependency on the following components, which must be installed on the same machine:

  • On-premise data gateway
    Version required: December 2019 (3000.21.18) or higher

  • SAP .NET Connector 3.0 SDK from SAP.
    NOTE: Access to the download requires a valid S-user. You may need to reach out to your SAP team. The connector comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and you must choose the 64-bit version.When installing, in the Optional setup steps window, make sure you select the Install assemblies to GAC option.


The SAP ERP connector supports the following authentication mechanism:

  • SAP Authentication
  • Windows Authentication (using SNC)

Because the connector is designed such that it can be used by multiple users of an app, the connections are not shared. Rather each user will authenticate with the SAP system. The user crendentials are provided in the connection, while additional details required to connect to the SAP system (like the server details, security configuration) are provided as part of the action.

The SAP ERP connector also supports Windows authentication by enabling SAP SNC (Secure Network Communition). This requires additional setup.

Property Description
Use SNC Set to "Yes" if you want to enable SNC
SNC library The SNC library name or path relative to NCo installation location or absolute path. Examples are sapsnc.dll or .\security\sapsnc.dll or c:\security\sapsnc.dll.
SNC SSO Specifies whether the connector will use the identity of the service or the end user credentials
SNC My Name If required, specify the identity to be used
SNC Partner Name The name of the back-end SNC server
SNC Quality of Protection The quality of service to be used for SNC communication of this particular destination or server. The default value is defined by the back-end system. The maximum value is defined by the security product used for SNC.

Known Issues and Limitations

The following are some of the known issues and limitations of the SAP ERP connector:

  1. The connector supports only RFCs and BAPIs.
  2. The connector does not support receiving messages from SAP Server.
  3. Transactional RFCs (tRFCs) are not supported.

Creating a connection

To connect your account, you will need the following information:

Name Type Description
Authentication Type string

Authentication type to connect to the SAP System. Must be basic (username and password).

SAP Username securestring

The username to be used for log in to the SAP System.

SAP Password securestring

The password to be used for log in to the SAP System.

Gateway gatewaySetting

Throttling Limits

Name Calls Renewal Period
API calls per connection250060 seconds


Call SAP function

Call SAP function.

Call SAP function

Call SAP function.


Name Key Required Type Description
AS Host
AppServerHost True string

The hostname of the SAP Application Server.

Client True integer

The SAP client ID to connect to the SAP system.

AS System Number
SystemNumber True integer

The SAP System's System Number. It is a number ranging from 00 to 99.

UseSnc boolean

When selected, the connections will be secured with SNC.

SNC library
SncLibraryPath string

Path of the SNC library to be used.

SncSso string

The SNC SSO specifies whether to use SNC identity or credentials provided on RFC level.

SNC My Name
SncMyName string

Identity to be used for this particular destination/server (optional).

SNC Partner Name
SncPartnerName string

The backend's SNC name.

SNC Quality of Protection
SncQop string

Quality of Service to be used for SNC communication of this particular destination/server.

SAP function name
function True string

Please specify SAP function name.

Stateful Session
isSessionStateful True string

Create stateful session. Select 'Yes' for write operations, 'No' for read operations.

SAP function input
functionInput dynamic

Please specify SAP function input.


The outputs of this operation are dynamic.