Aliases for Azure technical content

Frequent contributors to the Azure technical documentation need to belong to certain aliases and be aware of others for information sharing.

Alias name Alias Required? Purpose
Azure technical content authors wacom-tech-authors Yes A​ll contributors to the private repo should join this alias.​ It is used to communicate publishing status, changes to content strategy and process, and other official updates for Azure technical content. The purpose of the alias is outbound communications only. Only authorized senders can mail to this alias.
Azure technical content chat azcontentchat No Use this alias for questions and conversation about Azure technical content.
Azure technical content team (FTE) azurecontentteam For FTE content developers FTE communications for content developers (CPub discipline)
Azure Tech doc pull request acceptors azdocprs Only for pull request reviewers. Use this alias to contact the group of people who review pull requests for Azure tech docs.