Subscriptions - Azure subscriptions for writers

​Activate your MSDN benefit for Azure account. Go to to activate your benefits.​

Azure Subscriptions for APEX technical content creators


If you are in a group other than C+E APEX, please contact your manager about setting up an Azure account through the internal registration system. This information is provided for APEX only (people who report up to Jeff Sandquist).

Internal Azure subscriptions are available for content developers. With an internal subscription, you don't need to use your MSDN subscription, your personal email, or your credit card in order to work with Azure features.

These subscriptions are charged back to APEX. For this reason, please use your subscription responsibly. For example, avoid running a cloud service or virtual machine that uses a lot of processing power for a long period of time - just shut it down if you are not using it. Don't run any sort of production application under your test subscription - you can use your MSDN subscription for that.

Step 1: Register for an Azure subscription

Before you register for an Azure subscription, check with your manager to determine what codes you should use for cross-charging. For vendors, ask your manager to submit the subscription request for you. The manager is the "requester" for the subscription, and your vendor corpnet alias will be set up as "account owner" so that you can access the Azure portal.

  1. Navigate to the Azure Internal Registration System (AIRS). You should have access, but if you don't, request access through the Azure Business Desk.
  2. Click New Registration.
  3. Account Type: Internal Billable Account.
  4. Account Owner ID: Use your Microsoft account for your ID
  5. Property/Service Name: Azure Content Development
  6. PC Code: "P" + [your cost center number]
  7. PFAM: 000
  8. Program name: Not Applicable
  9. OPEX, COGS or Marketing account: OPEX
  10. Paid support: Developer
  11. Finance contact: Alias of your finance contact (ask manager)
  12. Budget approver: Alias of budget approver (ask manager)
  13. Will a production application be hosted under this account: No ​​ Some Azure features require that you request access - you can usually do so on the preview page, or through the appropriate product team.

​Step 2: Add subscription​​

  1. Sign in to the Account portal with your Microsoft account.
  2. Click Billing from the left navigation pane.
  3. Click New Subscription.
  4. ​Select the Microsoft Azure Internal Consumption offer.
  5. Type in your Microsoft email address as the Service Administrator.
  6. Under Service Tree Registration, click For other use and type in Documentation.
  7. Click Agree.