Customer stories and case studies​

In principle, customer stories/case studies can live either on the customer stories site at or in the relevant technical documentation repository, which publishes to The difference is audience and technical depth. The customer stories site addresses BDM and TDM audiences, and the content is not about technical deployment or operational details. The technical content channel addresses evaluators, implementers, and users and goes into technical depth appropriate for new to advanced users.

Process details:

  • When a customer story or case study is submitted through the technical content channel, the technical content author must contact the ceadvocacy alias to request a review of the content (cc tysonn). The advocacy team will evaluate the content:

    • If the advocacy team feels the content is appropriate to be published on, they will reply with instructions on next steps for the author to take to work with the advocacy team to get the content published.
    • If the advocacy team feels the content's technical depth means the content is better suited for publication through the technical content pipeline, we will proceed with our standard quality review process and publish when ready.
    • In either case, to publish the content, the content author must present an email from a representative of the partner company indicating they agree to serve as a reference and that we have permission to use their company name in the customer story or case study. If a representative of that company later contacts Microsoft to remove the content, we'll remove it immediately.
  • If a highly technical case study or customer story is submitted through the customer stories channel, the advocacy team can choose to contact the technical content team to request that content be published through the technical content channel.

  • In both cases, content must meet the quality criteria and content guidance for the respective channel.

  • If technical content is developed to support a customer story on, the technical content author should contact the advocacy team to add crosslinks to the supporting technical content.

  • After a customer story or case study is published to, the author or PM must submit the details on the solution, products, and customer overview via the nomination form. The Advocacy Team will vet the details with the product teams to assess the lead against evidence gaps and alignment to Global Engagement Programs. ​The Advocacy team may require followup work as a result of this process.