Understanding MVC for APEX

MVC is a collaboration between the Product Engineering team and the APEX Content Team to improve the quality of technical content. Initial scope includes Azure content with plans to scale across all products published on Docs.microsoft.com.

Why MVC?

  • Customer feedback from engagements and usability studies that we offer too many choices and are not clear on the ‘best’ path to success for them.
  • Customer feedback that content is hard to find due to the volume of content to weed through
  • Customer feedback on the accuracy and relevancy of our content due to our inability to actively maintain the content set we have

Improvements include:

  • A focus on common user scenarios customers need to use our products
  • Focus on standarization and consistency across content sets to provide a better experience for customers on docs.microsoft.com
  • Our go-forward way to documenting new services and products with an initial focus on getting started (100-200 level) content
  • A major project to refactor existing content and create a high quality manageable set of content for customers
  • A collaboration between the Product Engineering team and the APEX Team to improve the quality of both technical content and the products we deliver

Some common misconceptions of MVC are:

  • This is a "Scottgu" pet project
  • This is a passing fad and once the project is over, we can go back to addressing new features
  • This is a checkbox activity
  • This may or may not be optional for new Azure Services or on Premises products

Summary of MVC Requirements

Milestone Description
1 Approved list of top customer tasks and use cases
2 Build overall content plan
3 Create initial content
4 Execute the MVC content plan
5 Publish process
6 Content cleanup

Each Milestone requires final sign off from the Service owner and the Content Publishing Director.