Act on data and customer feedback

This section provides guidance for acting on the customer feedback and on the results of the data analysis. The metrics we want to optimize for are :

  • Better adoption: means more page views and visitors
  • Better engagement: means more time in page and repeat users
  • Better customer satisfaction : means better % helpful ratings, timely addressing problems found by users, fresh articles
  • Better communities : means timely responses on LiveFyre posts, on pull requests and more users participating

The data analysis indicates there are strong correlations between the quality of the article, how the owner is maintaining the article and the customer satisfaction. Namely:

  • For articles that are not being refreshed and become stale the CSAT decreases on average 2% per month
  • Timely responses to the LiveFyre comments (either by community or Microsoft) could increase the CSAT with 10%-30%.
  • Users who participate in LiveFyre discussions are 9x more likely to make a contribution in GitHub

See the section called Quick Links and Job Aids in this guide for a quick checklist of activities you can do to maintain your article. You can easily find those activities also in the author report: go to SKyEye Search and search by your author alias. You should also receive this in your weekly author report. Contact Tim Wong if you do not get the report.