Interpret data and customer feedback

This section speaks to how to interpret data and customer feedback for your article. All the data is available in one place on and can be filtered by author, product or service, article and many other attributes.

The following type of data and reports are available:

  • The SkyEye Search on should allow you to get answers to most of your questions. Just type in the search box an article URL, title, author alias, product or service name or site name and it will detect it and provide you a summary for that area. From there you can navigate to other reports by clicking the links in there.
  • The PowerBI reports you can find under the "For Writers" section on The reports provide both charts and tables with respective data. You can typically filter them to scope down to your area.
  • Raw data down to page views and user histories. Those are available with the reports called "Master" and "Topics" in the "Data Exploration" section on These reports function like TFS queries: you have to specify the filters on top and hit "go", then you get an Excel style list of records you can sort by clicking the headers or you can export in Excel.