Guidelines for using bullets and numbered lists in MVC content

Generally, numbered lists are not allowed in MVC content. There are a limited number of exceptions based on the following:

Numbered Lists: Use numbered lists for:

  • Portal-based procedures
  • Visual Studio-based procedures
  • Other procedures that rely heavily on screenshots

Do not use numbered lists for:

  • CLI-based procedures
  • Any other procedure where each step is a line of code General
  • Tutorials are numbered in the TOC
  • No numbering in H2

The tutorial templates include a special list to outline what you will learn in the article. This list requires very specific format that is found in the templates.

Sample bulleted list for Tutorials:

  • OS disks and temporary disks
  • Data disks
  • Standard and Premium disks
  • Disk performance

The recommendation is to use better screenshots as well as tables to simplify instructions.