Pull request comment automation

Comment automation enables read-level users (users that don't have write permissions in a repo) to perform a write-level action, by assigning the appropriate label to a pull request. If you are working in a repository where comment automation has been implemented, use the hashtag comment listed in the following table to assign labels to let the reviewers in your repo know when a PR is ready for review/merge, to change the label status of a PR, or to close a PR. Microsoft employees will also be notified via e-mail for review and #sign-off of public repository PRs, whenever changes are proposed to articles for which you are the author.

Hashtag comment What it does Repo availability
#sign-off When the author of an article types the #sign-off comment in the comment stream, the ready-to-merge label is assigned. Public and private
#sign-off If a contributor who is NOT the listed author tries to sign off on a public pull request using the #sign-off comment, a message is written to the pull request indicating the label can be assigned only by the author. Public
#hold-off If you type #hold-off in a pull request comment, it removes the ready-to-merge label - in case you change your mind or make a mistake. In the private repo, this assigns the do-not-merge label. Public and private
#please-close Authors can type the #please-close comment in the comment stream of a pull request to close it if you decide not to have the changes merged. Public

See the "Pull request processing" sections of the minor/infrequent and major/long-running contribution workflows, for more context on how comment automation is used in each.