Request updates to TOC files

SME: tysonn

The table of contents (TOC) for APEX content on is generated from or TOC.yml files; these files provide cross-article navigation and exist at multiple levels within a repository folder structure to provide the right level of scoped navigation.

Updates to the first-level nodes in the TOC require approval from a designated business approver for the repository to ensure correct business alignment across products or services. To request such changes:

  1. Create a pull request with your changes.
  2. @ mention the business approver in your pull request to seek business approval for the change.
  3. The business approver notes their feedback in the pull request.
  4. If the business approver agrees to the change, sign off on the pull request. If the business owner does not approve the change, close the pull request.
  5. Pull request reviewers will verify that the PR meets all criteria for publishing.

Updates to second- or third-level nodes do not require approval and can be submitted directly through pull requests into a repo, where they will be reviewed as standard content updates.

MVC exception

For content in the azure-docs-pr repo, all updates to the Overview, Quickstarts, and Tutorials sections in any TOC require review and sign off by Carol, Tyson, or Kris (in GitHub - czeumault, tysonn, kriscrider). PR reviewers need to contact these approvers by email with a link to the PR and a request for approval.

Business approvers

See the business approvers and repos list.