How to run PoliCheck against content in a GitHub repository

Individual authors can install PoliCheck on a computer to scan an entire repository, a folder, or a single markdown file. Or, repository administrators can periodically run PoliCheck on the local copy of a repo.

To install and run PoliCheck on a GitHub repository for the first time:

  1. Install PoliCheck from http://toolbox/policheck.
  2. Ensure that your local repository is up to date and that in GitBash, you are in the repository that you want to test.
  3. Start Policheck.
  4. Click Options > File Type Settings.
  5. In the File Type Extensions box, make sure Pure Text Files is selected. The markdown extension (.md) is part of this group of file extensions.
  6. Close the File Type Settings dialog box - if you are prompted to save, click Yes..
  7. Click Task > New, and then select File Scan in the Task Type dialog box.
  8. On the Step 1 tab, name the task. Then, if you want to test a folder in your Git repository, select Folder in the Target Area. If you want to test a specific file, select File in the Target area. Specify the location in which you want to save the results. Click Next.
  9. On the Step 2 tab, select English, all severities, and all term classes. Click Next.
  10. On the Step 3 tab, select Default File, and click OK.
  11. In the Policheck console, right click the scan task you just created, and then click Start.

Policheck displays the results in the right pane. To export the results to an XML file that you can then open in Excel, click Actions > Export Scan Results > File.

To run the same task again:

  • On subsequent runs, you just right click the existing task and select Start.