Adding Branding Graphics in Camtasia

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Get support files

  1. Open \\tk2offfsm03\FileShares\Users\josephd\TLG\_Overviews .

  2. Copy the following file to a location you can access later:

    • BlankWhite.png – A 1280x720 white background used for the beginning branded graphic.

    • To install the branded graphics and presets in Camtasia see Video Production Presets.

The beginning branding graphic

  1. In Camtasia, with the Clip Bin tab selected, click Import media.

  2. Click the BlankWhite PNG file where you have stored it, and then click Open.

  3. Move (click and drag) your video recording block in Track 1 to the right by at least 5 seconds.

  4. From the Clip Bin pane, drag and drop the BlankWhite.png icon onto Track 1, before your video recording block. Move your video recording block so that it is directly adjacent to the BlankWhite block.


  5. Click the Library tab, open Office 15 UA Blue v1.2, and then drag and drop the Open title blue icon on to Track 2 so that it is directly above the BlankWhite block in Track 1.


  6. Click the "+" on the Open title blue block in Track 2.


  7. Right-click the block above the Track 2 block (with the shadowed "T"), and then click Edit callout.

  8. In the Callouts tab, change the default text in the text box ("Get productive with the Office Web Apps") to an appropriate video or product title. Make sure that the text remains left justified, Segoe UI Light, with a 70 point size.

The ending branding graphic

  1. Click the Library tab.

  2. In the list under Office 15 UA Blue v1.2, drag and drop the Close title blue icon on to track 2 so that the second part of the block overhangs the end of your video recording block.


  3. Click the "+" on the Close title blue block.


  4. Right-click the block directly above the Track 2 block, and then click Edit callout.

  5. In the Callouts tab pane, change the default text in the text box ("") to an appropriate URL.

  6. Move the play pointer to the beginning and play the video from end to end, checking the beginning and ending graphics.

  7. If needed, adjust the position of the ending branded graphic so that it coincides with your voice-over of the script text (such as "Also visit") but does not show a black, blank screen.

  8. Save this project by clicking File-Save project as, and then giving it a name.

Producing the MP4

  1. In Camtasia, click Produce and share.

  2. In the list, click 16-to-9 High Definition (specifies dimensions and format [MP4]).

  3. When prompted with this message, click OK.

  4. In the Production Wizard dialog box, type a name for the produced MP4 file, specify a folder location as needed, and then click Finish.

  5. Camtasia renders the MP4 file.

  6. Click Finish on the Production is complete page.

  7. Camtasia launches your video player and plays the video.

Check the final video and post externally using the appropriate video publication venue. See Uploading and Publishing a Video.