Video Checklist

TBD: Merge the two checklists

Before Recording

Status Task
Desktop icons hidden
Desktop gadgets hidden
Automatic notifications turned off or closed (e.g., Outlook notifications)
Turn off spellchecker if displaying PowerPoint or Word etc.
Open all windows in the background and size to fit in the recording window
Restore links they show as unclicked, clear browser's temporary files
Set your desktop display to 16:9 ratio (ex. 1280x720)
If the new ratio causes your display to appear fuzzy, anti-alias (clear type)
If recording audio, test your microphone
Practice the narration
Time the narration and shorten if necessary.
Music cleared by LCA

In Camtasia Recorder

Status Task
Set Dimensions to 16:9 ratio and lock.
If recording audio, test audio volume.
Ensure cursor effects are editable in Camtasia Studio.
In Tools->Options->General accept the defaults (first 5 boxes checked, record to .camrec)
In Tools->Options->Program accept the defaults (boxes 1,2,4,5,6 checked)

While Recording

Status Task
Use smooth, direct, and intentional mouse movements
When selecting from a dropdown, hold on your selection for a few seconds.
Narrate in the first person active tense (use I, not you…use I click not I will click)
When you make a mistake, wait a few seconds before restarting/correcting
Be energetic when narrating
Record 10 seconds of silence.


Status Task
Set Dimensions to 16:9 ratio!!!!
Add any required elements
Add official log slide at end
Remove, crop, or blur any proprietary content
Increase cursor size top 130 and use yellow highlight
Follow legal guidelines – make no claims or comparisons tother non-MS products, etc.
Do not use codenames (if possible)
Use correct branding – logos, taglines, graphics, etc. Make sure approved for ALL countries.
Title has (video) at the end
Create closed captioning file
Create transcript
If video for a pre-release product, it must contain a disclaimer.
Does not contain any red flag terms
Does not contain any sensitive content
If video shows images that are not part of the product, check with your Geopolitical Champ.
Ensure nothing in video is culturally sensitive or confusing.


Status Task
.wmv format
Video description
Video reviewed and approved
Video level (100-400) and audience
Video keywords
Upload (either using HelpDesk, MSVideo tool, mscomwebsites, or another process)
Update wiki or Library Video page/table with title and link
If publishing to wiki, create and maintain video launch page on wiki
Manage review, updates, submission
Add transcript to launch page on wiki/TechNet/MSDN
Ensure video gets published
Upload final video AND zipped Camtasia/Expression/Premiere/etc project and transcript and CC file to CSI share
Product version
Upload/Submit Closed Caption file

Writing Scripts

Status Task
First person active
Avoid red flag terms (LCA)
One task, one intent
Conversational, friendly, honest
Beware of making claims
5 minutes maximum
Get script reviewed

Preparing for recording your screen

Status Task
Set display resolution to 1280 x 720 pixels
Resize the application and browser to open within the recording area
Restore "visited" links by clearing your browser's cache
Hide or disguise personal and proprietary information
Hide desktop icons and gadgets
Turn popup notifications off (e.g., Outlook, Skype)
Use a solid color for the background
Hide toolbar (optional)

Recording your screen

Status Task
Pause when making selections
Use smooth and direct mouse movement
Keep recordings short

Recording audio

Status Task
Practice aloud
Start with 10 seconds of silence
Find a quiet location
Test the microphone
Make your tone conversational, friendly, and upbeat
Leave space after mistakes
Add a clap or snap after mistakes to help you locate them again

Editing in Camtasia

Status Task
Use the editing dimesions 1280 x 720
Enlarge and highlight the cursor
Hide personal and/or proprietary information
Title contains the word "video"
Use zoom!
Required: logo at the end
Required: motion graphic opens and closes titles

Producing the Video

Status Task
Use a Preset
Produce at 1280 x 720
Save project as a zip file
Get approval via the MSVideo tool

Publishing the Video

Status Task
Submit a ticket for publishing
Submit a ticket for closed captions, transcripts, and localization