Video Services

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What is this service?

Request this service to publish Video to MSDN, TechNet, YouTube, Channel 9 or Showcase.

What are my options?

For MSDN or TechNet library video the video publishing team will:

  • Upload the video and supply the submitter with the URLs, embed code, and the UUID (unique identifier). In this case, the submitter is responsible for adding the video to their content. Also, in this case, TOC information is not needed.
  • Upload the video, then create or edit a video page (content). In this case, if it is a new page, we need to know what technology or center like Windows, Office, SQL Server, etc. the content belongs to. We also need to know where in the Table of Contents (TOC) structure the content needs to be hooked up to.

Example: For SQL Server, there is a top-level video page. This will link to the video launch page:

Note if you already have a video posted and you would like to insert it into DxStudio, you will need to start from the beginning of the process above to republish it to MSDN before you can link to it in your topics.

For Channel 9, you must sign up as a Chn9 User and provide your user name. This allows you to own the video on the site as you will be required to subscribe to your post by using the +Follow button and follow up with customers on the page.

Video (Menu)

To request this service, you need to provide…

  • Language(s)
  • Title and location of video file
  • Provide your Video to this share: \\csddfs\resources\ccxgvideo\Videos
  • Site to publish to (MSDN, TechNet, Showcase, Channel9, YouTube)
  • Owner/Author
  • Author URL (blog or website), optional
  • Product or technology (SQL, Windows Server, etc)
  • Video tags (keywords; Product and Technology)
  • Description (400 words or less)
  • Thumbnail (optional)
  • Specify if your video contains the Microsoft logo at the end
  • Specify if you need a video launch page or only the embed links
  • If you choose to have a launch page, provide the URL where it should show in the TOC (MSDN or TechNet)

If publishing to YouTube/Showcase, provide this information in addition to details above:

  • Specific YouTube channel or playlist if applicable.
  • Objective (Description)
  • Type (Category)
  • Audience (Technical, Developer) •Reviewers (optional)

If publishing to Channel9, you must provide:

  • Your Chn9 User Name
  • Choose area (Blogs, Series, Shows)

Once video is published, you will be required to subscribe to your post by using the +Follow button and follow up with customers on the page.

To make your request use this link: Video

SLA: 5 days

Questions? Contact Michelle Hart

What happens with my request?

Publish Desk will publish your video, provide you with links and id's to link to them in your topics.

Where can I look for more information?