Everyday word list

Use this list to help you replace formal words with everyday words.

Formal Everyday
access use
acquire get
administrator admin
allows lets
alternate switch
as follows here are (here is)
as because
broad categories types
check box box
Clear the check box Check the box; Uncheck the box
clear uncheck
Click Choose
Click here Do not use. For links to web pages, use something like "To learn more, see " or "See <!-- link element removed --> for details."
Click on Choose
Click the tab Choose
complete finish
configure set up
contains has
correct fix
determine check
displays shows
do the following follow these steps
drag and drop drag
due to because
elect choose
e-mail email (ok to use as a verb)
enable let
enables lets
enter a maximum of type up to
execute run
forward next
halt pause, stop
however but
illegal not valid, can't be (unless in a legal context)
impact, impacting, impactful affect (verb), effect (noun), affecting, effective
it's recommended we recommend
log in sign in
mail email
media music, video, photo (be specific)
modify change
More information More about
navigate go
obtain get
operation action, task
perform do
provision, provisioning set up, setting up
purchase buy
repair fix
resolve fix
Select the check box Check the box, Uncheck the box
stopped responding paused, stalled, stopped, crash
such as like
suspend pause, stop
synchronize sync
terminate end, exit
type or select enter, put (use a single word)
unavailable dimmed, grayed out
understand learn
various different
verify check
visit go to
we recommend it's a good idea
won't work doesn't work
workload service, app
you should we recommend (use sparingly or write around)