Build Configuration specifics for localized repos (docfx.json)

This topic contains information about how to enable or fix build configuration for localized repos.

Include Xref dependencies package

Example 1

Example 1

"xref": [

Changing CRR to using Yml4Loc instead of CoreApi.git


Side by side configuration

If the localization team needs side by side configuration, update the following. Example

 "globalMetadata": {
      "bilingual_type": "hover over"


Follow the same steps than English for breadcrumb.

Excluding a set of files or a folder for build

We are localizing files from /live branch of the en-US azure-docs repo; and the localized files go straight to the /live branch of the loc repos and get published. If the en-us team wants to simultaneously ship content from one subfolder of the repo for all languages (e.g. files in this folder, is it possible to exclude the folder from DocFX, or otherwise prevent just files from this one folder from publishing for a short time (e.g. 2 weeks)? All other files need to continue to publish. This would enable loc to catch up with translations without having to change the OpenLoc hookup.

We can exclude a set of files or a folder from build and publish in docfx.json, see build configuration for details.

Note that the excluded contents will be deleted from the end point. So if you are doing this for localization, then your content will default back to English.