Editing docset properties

Now you can edit the following docset properties.

  • Site and Theme/Template
  • Base URL
  • Docset folder
  • Tenant
  • Wether you would like public contributions or not


Enabling Go live flag is still reserved for APEX Engagement PMs only. If you need to go live for the first time, please follow the steps in the Go live page.


If your content is already live, you will not be able to change the base URL. Follow the steps in the Go live page to accomplish that.


  1. In the OPS portal, find and select your docset.
  2. Click on Settings tab.
  3. Make your changes as per the OPS portal.
  4. If you are sure of your changes click on Save button.

edit docset properties

Disconnect a docset from OPS

  1. In the OPS portal, switch to Docset view mode from the left navigation.
  2. Find your docset and select it.
  3. Click on Settings tab.
  4. Click on Delete button.