Localization Command Line Interface

The localization CLI converts markdown, yaml, ecmaxml, json to xliff and vice versa. It is used to handoff and handback files for localization.


If you need to convert DDUE or use XLIFF 2.0, use the legacy standalone tool.

Getting Started

  1. Download the Localization CLI and extract the zip file to a folder of your choice.
  2. Open a command prompt and change the working directory to loc.exe


  1. Convert markdown to XLIFF:

    Run loc handoff md c:\path\to\source c:\path\to\loc-output in the command prompt. When the tool finished, the xliff and skeleton folder will appear in loc-output folder.

  2. Convert XLIFF to markdown:

    Run loc handback md c:\path\to\loc-output c:\path\to\localized-content in the command prompt.

  3. Handoff/Handback other formats: Replace md in the above commands with the desired format extension.

Format Extension Example
Markdown md loc handoff yml c:\a c:\b
YAML yml loc handoff yml c:\a c:\b
ECMAXML xml loc handoff yml c:\a c:\b
JSON json loc handoff yml c:\a c:\b


Additional configuration can be specified in loc.json to tweak the behavior of the localization transformer. A list of commonly used configurations are listed below:

Key Values Default Value Description
preset cne, wdg, office N\A Controls transformer behavior according to Microsoft division needs
bilingual true, false false Generates localized content for bilingual side by side display. When turn on, the localized content will contain sentence level <span> tags in English for lookup
srcLang locale code en-US Controls source language
lang locale code en-US Controls target language
srx default default Controls the SRX rule file used for sentence segmentation