How to do manual fix in localized repos


Right now there are some localized repos which have two branch: live and master. Live branch will be the release branch which should only be touched when PROD deployment process(merged from master branch). Master branch will be the working branch into which loc writer or OL will directly checked the loc files.


There may be conflicts during the PROD deployment process(merged from master branch) if the live branch was modified for hotfix.


Never directly modify the live branch without master branch. If you need apply a hotfix to live branch, please follow the below step to avoid the conflicts:

  1. Modify the content in live branch and commit to live branch
  2. Cherry pick the commit from live branch and merge to master


  1. Modify in live branch:


  1. Commit to live branch:


  1. Copy the commit id and checkout to master branch:


  1. Push to remote

Status: Handback with translation issue (invalid xliff, no need re-handoff)

Operation: Fix xliff and re-handback

Status: Already Handback with transformer issue (need re-handoff)


  1. Download the md files from github
  2. Use the off-line tool Xliff<-->md transformer to generate xliff files
  3. Supplier gets the xliff files and do translation, return the translated xliff files back
  4. Use the off-line tool Xliff<-->md transformer generate translated md files from xliff files in #3
  5. Check In localized file to target repo's oldev branch. [E.G. if a file in master branch need fix, use the already localized file to replace the wrong file in master-oldev branch] Delete all the xliff files (which may be generated by the transformer without bug fixes) from handoff repo except for the archive folder (e.g. When there is any change in source repo, OL will regenerate these xliff files with correct transformer

Status: Has been Archived but not handback (via API call)


  1. Handback the previous xliff file (important)
  2. Go to "Already Handback" Status

Status: Handoff but not Archived


  1. Delete the wrong xliff file in Handoff Repo
  2. Trigger another Handoff, the xliff file will re-generated