How to move from master branch to live branch

  1. Make sure the HO/HB in master branch are all done (no more handoff)
  2. In target repo, merge master branch to live branch

    • Go to the repo in github and select master branch
    • Then click "New pull request"


    • In the page, select the base branch "master" and the target branch "live", github will list the changes by comparing the 2 branches

    • Click Create pull request


    • Click create pull request loc_move_from_master_branch_to_live_branch3

    • In the pull request page, click "merge pull request" will merge master branch to live (in the screenshot I attached, the button is gray as there is conflict in 2 branches)


  3. When it is done, ask VSC to de provision the master branch in OL, and provision the live branch in OL