Localization file status

Error messages

Status Description
Non localizable -> Not to be localized The file is never localized and will not localized unless the configure file change. (It includes some files that are not Markdown)
Handoff failed -> Handoff transform failed Transform to xliff fail.
Ready for handoff Latest xliff file is already generated, but the vendor does not download it to translate.
In Translation The vendor is translating the latest xliff file. And the xliff file is put to cache folder.
Handback failed -> Handback transform failed The latest xliff file has been translated and uploaded, but transformed back to markdown failed.
Handed back: in sync with en-us Successfully transformed back to markdown. And the localized file is in the same version of EN-US version.

Handbacked: not in sync with en-us-> Handed back: not in sync with en-US.

Successfully transformed back to markdown. But a force handoff or rename happen, or translationtype/priority changed, a new xliff is generated.