Open Localization API Trouble Shooting

Detect API error:

Trace User Error(4XX) System Error(5XX) in CHIP portal's API Errors chart.


Find error detail:

Query errors and warning from database:



Find the issue repo:

  1. Find API request URL via ApiInput column in error detail.
  2. The URL contains the repo and branch information via API definition.
  3. Use openlocalization_prod.json to find the repo's information with repo id or source repo url and working branch.


High frequency of occurrence error and common solution:

  1. 400 Error with error code filter_is_invalide:
    • Root cause: Request body or one repo's .localization-config is invalid
    • Solution:
      • If the request body is not null and is invalid, ignored the following steps.
      • Find the issue repo's .localization-config: The .localization-config can in both(not either) source repo's root level and handback repo's path "ol-config///"
      • Validate json and locales: Check whether it is a valid json file. Check whether each locale in "locales" array is valid: XX-XX
      • Send a PullRequest to fix the .localization-config
  2. 404 Error with error code git_repository_not_found_by_owner_and_name : The git repository with {repo name} and {repo owner} is not found:
    • Root cause: the {repo name} (It should be a target repo with locale) is not created or we have no access privilege Solution:
      • Check whether the repo exist and olprod has access to it
      • Find the .localization-config in handback repo or source repo, find the people who added the locale to cause corresponding target repo not found.
      • Send a mail to the people to ask access for corresponding repo.