Handback Validation

Error Code Description Error Message
out-of-handoff-scope Handback file is rejected as its source file is out of latest handoff scope "file {fileName} is out of handoff scope"
old-handback-version Handback file is rejected as higher version has already been checked in $"Targeting source file commit {SourceFileCommit} is lower than latest handed back source file commit {latestHandedBackSourceFileCommit}"
handback-file-name-mismatch Handback file name: {handbackFileName} is different with handoff file name: {handoffFileName}
handback-translation-type-mismatch The handback translation type in file path {handbackFilePath} is not match with handoff type {handoffType}"
transformer-updated Handback file is rejected as new version of handoff xliff is created due to transformer update.
invalid-yaml-header Format of yaml header block in converted loc MD file is invalid

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