Open Localization Performance Trouble Shooting

How to detect the performance issue:

  1. Queue Length

  2. Alert
    • If the queue length or queue message waiting time is much higher than normal, email will be sent to open localization team.

How to deal with the performance issue:

  1. Login to the corresponding machine

  2. Check the log of the machine, find out where it stuck:

    • You can find detail log from D:\temp(latest 1 minute log) and D:\commited\traceex(latest 7 minutes log) folders
  3. Find more log from query portal:
  4. Restart this machine or restart the worker role host process if need.

Scale out to improve performance:

  1. Currently Open Localization can Resize the instance size(small -> media -> large..) to improve performance. OL_Performance_TroubleShooting4

  2. Separate the repositories to more instances to improve performance(change the instance configuration in our ambient configuration) OL_Performance_TroubleShooting5