Redirecting MTPS content to Open Publishing Content (i.e. migration from MTPS to Open Publishing)

If you are migrating your content from MTPS (published with PWS or the Build Sytem) to Open Publishing, we recommend to apply 301 redirection from the MTPS content to the OP content.

It is important to coordinate the redirection with your go live date. Otherwise, search engines might penalize your content for being published in two different sites.

3 days before going live, open a ticket for our team to work on the redirection:

  1. Go to MSDNHelp site
  2. Select the tile labeled Customer Support Requests.
  3. Allow the application to access your account info
  4. Download and fill out the Redirect or Remove template.
  5. Under Request type, please select "Redirect".
  6. Add the date you will go live in the Description field.
  7. Click on Submit.
  8. Please make sure you fill out the filled redirection template.

Our Service Engineer will contact you with any questions and to coordinate the redirection.

On the day you go live

  1. Publish your OP content live.
  2. Notify the Service Engineer that your content is live and he can do the redirection.


You do no need to re-publish your MTPS content. We will set the content as NoIndex/NoFollow and remove it from search engines for you as part of the redirection.

How to test site level redirections

Site level redirections might be complicated and it is always safer to test them before they are deployed. This is how to spoof the IP using the offline servers, courtey of Joshua Edvin.

  1. Download and install Fiddler
  2. Open Fiddler and to to the Host file via Tools -> Hosts


  3. Click on Enable remamping of requests from one host to a different host or IP, overriding DNS.

  4. Enter the IP address of the server along with the FQDN of the site and click on save. Here is the information for each of the sites:



  5. Go to the composer tab and paste the test URL. For example, and click enter or execute.


  6. A certificate error might pop up. If so, Click YES.


  7. Observe on the left hand side if the URL has been redirected with a 301


  8. Double click on the URL on the left hand column to see more details on the URL request. You should see the location of the redirect as seen below. Also make sure the X-instance for the msdn URL returns CO105 in the response header. That confirms that you hit the firstoffline machine.