Receiving email notifications from Open Publishing

To receive email notifications from the Open Publishing Build Service, you need to modify some of your personal account settings on GitHub.

Click the profile drop-down in the upper right and choose Settings.

To get email for push operations:

  1. Go to the Emails tab in the left nav.
  2. Clear the Keep my email address private checkbox.

    When this option is unchecked and you push commits, GitHub sends OP a notification with the primary email address in this list. Otherwise, GitHub sends OP a notification with, and you won't receive a notification from OP.

To get email for pull requests:

  1. Go to the Profile tab in the left nav.
  2. Set a public email.

    For a pull request, GitHub does not send OP the user's email address. So OP looks up the username to get the user's public email address, which is listed in this field. If you don't list one, you won't get mail for your pull request.

To not receive additional notifications

  • Go to Profile and under Public email set it to Don't show my email address. This is so you won't get pinged by external-to-Microsoft readers.
  • Go to Emails tab and under Email preferences select Only receive account related emails, and those I subscribe to.