Reference content cheat sheet

Being a collection of guidance assembled throughout the migration of API documentation from ACOM to

Reference repos

The following GitHub repositories contain API reference content, some of which content developers edit directly (e.g. overwrites and ref conceptual content).

GitHub repository Description
azure-docs-rest-apis Generated and hand-authored (overwrites & ref conceptual) content for REST APIs
azure-docs-sdk-dotnet Generated and hand-authored (overwrites & ref conceptual) content for .NET
azure-docs-sdk-java Generated and hand-authored (overwrites & ref conceptual) content for Java
azure-rest-api-specs Source Swagger specs (*.json); maintained by partner teams.

Reference repo layout

Directory Contents Editable by/contact Notes/intended usage
breadcrumb toc.yml Brady Gaster (bradyg) Defines the breadcrumbing at top-left above the "Filter" box.
docs-ref-autogen generated API reference (*.json) continuous integration (generated--do not manually edit) You can link to these, but do not edit them. These are generated by continous integration (CI) when new source is merged into master in one of the reference repos.
docs-ref-conceptual,, ref conceptual (*.md) content devs Index (landing), ToC, and ref conceptual topics for individual service APIs.
docs-ref-overwrite overwrite files (*.md) content devs Files containing the overwrites for the generated REST and managed reference content.
scripts CI scripts Jessie Huang (jehuan) Scripts used by continuous integration (CI).
. Bryan Lamos (bryanla) All-up index (landing page) for Azure REST API


To link from ref conceptual to content within the same repo (such as specific REST operations, or other ref conceptual topics), use either of the following two formats:

  • [text](../../docs-ref-autogen/<service>/<file>.json#<anchor>
  • [text](~/docs-ref-autogen/<service>/<file>.json#<anchor>


  • [Resource group operations](../../docs-ref-autogen/resources/resourcegroups.json)
  • [Create a resource group](../../docs-ref-autogen/resources/resourcegroups.json#ResourceGroups_CreateOrUpdate)
  • [Resource group operations](~/docs-ref-autogen/resources/resourcegroups.json)
  • [Create a resource group](~/docs-ref-autogen/resources/resourcegroups.json#ResourceGroups_CreateOrUpdate)

To link to the top-level node of a REST API, replace docs-ref-autogen with docs-ref-conceptual.


  • [Azure Search Management REST](~/docs-ref-conceptual/searchmanagement/

To link to a service landing page in azure-docs-pr, use the following syntax. The slash afterward is required. This will load, by default, the '' file residing in that directory.


  • /azure/service-directory/


Each topic that you place in your service's directory in /docs-ref-conceptual needs a metadata section at the top. Include the the triple-hyphens (---) before/after the fields.

ms.assetid: leave BLANK
ms.title: page title | Microsoft Docs get from list
ms.service: get from list
author: githubalias msalias
ms.manager: msalias
  • Use only one of or ms.service, do not use both.
  • You can find the get from list list of available metadata field values at


  • ref conceptual -- Markdown topics that are REST API-specific for a service, but are not generated by CI (example 1, example 2).