How to Request New or Updated MRef

Until the MRef onboarding process is fully automated, only the APEX engagement PM team can run the onboarding process. This topic describes how to submit a request for a new or updated MRef docset.

To request an mref docset, use this VSTS template.

Project owner

The person responsible for the MRef docset, generally a writer or PM.

Engagement PM

The APEX engagement PM responsible for onboarding the content area.

New or Updated

Is it a brand new docset or an update to an existing docset?


If you already have a repo, provide the GitHub link. The person setting up your docset will reach out to you for admin perms to the repo.

If you want us to create a new repo for you in the MicrosoftDocs organization, provide the desired name.

Docset name(s)

Provide the name(s) of the docset(s) to be created or updated.

Source files

NuGet (preferred)

MRef content is generated off assemblies, optionally including XML comment files. The preferred way to provide these source files is as public packages on The product team should create these packages, including XML comment files if available. NuGet packages are recommended because they ensure complete coverage of the public packages and are easily consumed by the MRef generation process and maintained. To provide NuGet packages, just provide a link to each package you need.

DLLs and XML

If you cannot provide NuGet packages, DLLs are also supported, with or without XML comment files. To use DLLs, you must provide the correct version of every DLL you need, as well as DLL dependencies. Place them on a share that can be accessed by the APEX engagement PM team, using the following folder structure.

+---docset name
|   +---DLLs to relfect and XML files
|   +---Dependencies

Add a link to this folder structure in the VSTS item.

Requested monikers

For new packages, you will need a new moniker. A moniker is a string that designates a shippable unit of an API. Each NuGet package should have its own moniker. For DLL based docsets, you should have one moniker per docset (if a group of DLLs cannot accurately be described by a single moniker, you should split them into multiple docsets).

You can suggest monikers as part of your MRef request, but note that if your suggestion does not follow appropriate guidelines it will be rejected.

See Reference Versioning & Monikers for more information.