Why Open Publishing Services?

Our legacy documentation processes and tools are not designed for services that are easily consumable by a variety of customers with unique and individual needs. This presents itself in several ways:

  • Document releases are moving from years/months releases to weeks/days/several times a day
  • Technical documentation is shifting from large size to small, hierarchical to flat, from static to interactive
  • Product/Engineering teams and external communities need to directly contribute to content creation/feedback
  • Product/Engineering teams prefer to use the same process for code and docs
  • Product/Engineering teams are increasingly hosting more docs on their own websites

Without common tools, many teams are building their own tools, sites, etc. This means a lot of fragmentation in processes, tools and environments, which affects productivity and customer experience.

Although different teams may have different workflows, many content publishing scenarios and requirements are the same. Commonality

Thus, if we can open up the content pipeline piece by piece, teams can use those essential common blocks. We accomplish this by providing services via Open Publishing. Key benefits:

  • Decoupling of content creation and distribution
  • Continuous integration
  • Open contribution and connected feedback
  • Flexible hosting
  • Centralized analytics

There are four core services in Open Publishing

  • Reference content auto-generation (DocFX)
  • Content build and publishing
  • Localization
  • BI