Privacy Policy guidelines

Microsoft takes user disclosures very seriously. Cortana Skills require you to provide your skill users with a privacy policy explaining how you collect, use, and share user data. Below are some guidelines to help you fulfill these requirements. Please be advised that these guidelines are provided for your convenience. You agree to assume all risk and liability arising from your use of these resources and that Microsoft is not responsible for any issues arising out of your use of them.

Your privacy policy, together with any disclosures or consents you provide within your skill, must disclose how your skill collects, uses, and shares user data, including the types of parties with whom it's shared. You must limit your use of the data to the activities described in the disclosures. It must also describe the controls that users have over the use and sharing of their information and how they may access their information, and it must comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Your privacy policy must be kept up-to-date as you add new features and functionality to your skill.

You'll need to provide links to both your privacy policy and terms of service when you submit your skill for publication in the Cortana Skills Store. These links will be made available to users in the Cortana Skills Store and in the related end-user-facing Cortana Skills description.

Next steps

Create your skill's Terms of Service statement. For information, see Terms of Use guidelines.