Enum SingleSidedMode

Options for rendering single-sided geometry.

enum class Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::SingleSidedMode : int32_t


Name Value Description Remarks
SingleSidedMode::Normal 0 Back faces of single-sided geometry will be invisible. When moving the viewpoint inside single sided geometry, or cutting it open with a CutPlaneComponent, back-facing geometry will not be visible, which may be undesirable. This mode has the least performance impact.
SingleSidedMode::DynamicDoubleSiding 1 Dynamically switch to double-sided rendering when geometry is cut open through a CutPlaneComponent. This mode only incurs additional performance cost for geometry that is cut open with a cut plane. Moving the camera inside geometry doesn't enable double-sided rendering. This mode is most useful for applications that doe use cut planes, but where it is rare for users to move their head inside of geometry.
SingleSidedMode::AlwaysDoubleSided 2 Force single-sided geometry to be rendered double-sided. This mode is useful when it is expected for users to move inside geometry. It does incur more performance overhead, though.

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