Enum CloudSpatialErrorCode

Identifies the source of an error in a cloud spatial session.

enum class Microsoft::Azure::SpatialAnchors::CloudSpatialErrorCode : int32_t


Name Value Description Remarks
CloudSpatialErrorCode::MetadataTooLarge 0 Amount of Metadata exceeded the allowed limit (currently 4k).
CloudSpatialErrorCode::ApplicationNotAuthenticated 1 Application did not provide valid credentials and therefore could not authenticate with the Cloud Service.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::ApplicationNotAuthorized 2 Application did not provide any credentials for authorization with the Cloud Service.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::ConcurrencyViolation 3 Multiple stores (on the same device or different devices) made concurrent changes to the same Spatial Entity and so this particular change was rejected.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::NotEnoughSpatialData 4 Not enough Neighborhood Spatial Data was available to complete the desired Create operation.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::NoSpatialLocationHint 5 No Spatial Location Hint was available (or it was not specific enough) to support rediscovery from the Cloud at a later time.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::CannotConnectToServer 6 Application cannot connect to the Cloud Service.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::ServerError 7 Cloud Service returned an unspecified error.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::AlreadyAssociatedWithADifferentStore 8 The Spatial Entity has already been associated with a different Store object, so cannot be used with this current Store object.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::AlreadyExists 9 SpatialEntity already exists in a Store but TryCreateAsync was called.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::NoLocateCriteriaSpecified 10 A locate operation was requested, but the criteria does not specify anything to look for.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::NoAccessTokenSpecified 11 An access token was required but not specified; handle the TokenRequired event on the session to provide one.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::UnableToObtainAccessToken 12 The session was unable to obtain an access token and so the creation could not proceed.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::TooManyRequests 13 There were too many requests made from this Account ID, so it is being throttled.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::LocateCriteriaMissingRequiredValues 14 The LocateCriteria options that were specified are not valid because they're missing a required value.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::LocateCriteriaInConflict 15 The LocateCriteria options that were specified are not valid because they're in conflict with settings for another mode.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::LocateCriteriaInvalid 16 The LocateCriteria options that were specified are not valid values.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::LocateCriteriaNotSupported 17 The LocateCriteria options that were specified are not valid because they're not currently supported.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::Unknown 19 Encountered an unknown error on the session.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::HttpTimeout 20 The Http request timed out.
CloudSpatialErrorCode::InvalidAnchorTransformRigidity 21 The transform matrix of platform anchor passed in is invalid. It is either not affine, or its rotation matrix is not orthonormal. The second case may be caused due to its containing a non-uniform scale or a uniform scale other than 1, or just some malformed values.